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I like yours better :)

Which means i'm gonna have to make my version even better. Challenge accepted, buddeh.

Indigorain responds:

Thanks bro, that really cheers me up! :D
But I don't have your awesome guitar leads! They're just too damn awesome! :D:D

Way to up the bar! Sheesh!

I think you should explore more into that 8-bit fusion. It's definitely something fresh, and you handled it amazingly.

My only complaint would be that the main bass synth sounded a bit muffled. Other than that I loved all the unique fills. Also if it was me, i'd have had a filtered segment similar to the outro somewhere in the middle to break up the song a bit.

Kudos buddeh :D

Indigorain responds:

Whoop whoop!

I still do feel a little restricted when mixing the styles, I could indeed use a little bit less carefulness about that.
I feel you on that bass, but (of course) it was a huge pain in the ass to master. I'll try to pay extra attention to it next time!
And mentioning the filter, I actually realise that I don't use filtering for that very much, I think I'll experiment with it a little more.

Anyway, thanks a whole lot for the kind words, it really means a lot after you've been away for a while. Muchos gracias! :D

231 plays and not a single word. What gives, NG?

Love the chord progression. All your tunes i've heard have this delightful sort of lazy vibe to them. Lots of soul for electronic music :) You should look into writing soundtracks for indie games, I'm sure you could get few deals here and there. Some of your stuff is gold.

This is so god damn sexy.


Fucking ace. Honestly, I can't think of anyone who composes chiptunes like you. I can't wrap my mind around why your songs don't get thousands upon thousands of hits.

In short, I love you, you beautiful, beautiful person. Now go get famous.

midimachine responds:

i'll do my best, sir!


Three cheers for vinyl samples, and three more for indigenous peoples.

Rockin' beats, my friend.

Me gusta.javascript:submission_controller.GetRevie

I think it could do without the gated pads though, I'm all for genre fusion, but it just seems kind of out of place to me :)

However they did sorta work in the intro, Maybe tremove the gate after a while and see how that works?

Loving it though! Keep it up! Always awesome to see creative approaches on genres.

YakovlevArt responds:

Yeah I will mess around with the gate, because i do like the way it sounds as it builds (cutoff)
Maybe, I'll replace it with something else like a wobble, or try distorting it a bit more =]

Thanks for the review dood!

I love you.

Why aren't you famous yet.

On a side note those bitcrusher sweeps (at least i'm assuming that's what they are) are delicious. Great idea!

TheBiocide responds:

You sir, flatter the fuck out of me. Hahaha, thanks dude, and I'm not sure which sweeps you're talking about exactly. I'm guessing you mean the ones before the drops, and you're close, it's a reverbed synth I made with Massive ;)


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVmORE zTI20
^0:06 every time I read the name of this song.

1:08 That sort of resonance drop sound is really loud. Maybe duck the volume on that.

2:06 and 2:09 you have a clap, Maybe layer a few more short clap samples and pan them? I do that alot, it makes the sound wider and more interesting :)

3:33 the crash cymbal sounds really bright and loud, maybe lower the volume on that as well, maybe EQ out some of the really high frequencies

Other than that, wubbly goodness. Could use some more melody and vocal samples, I always LOVE your melodic stuff.


Scratchmyballs responds:


But anyways, thanks for the constructive review lollo

The hits that are too loud don't sound all that loud on my speakers, and this is why I need new ones.

Reminded me...

How much I love improving on my piano. It's been way too long, and I think i'll show the dusty guy some love today.

Sincerely, thankyou. For the sounds, and for the inspiration. This is a beautiful story you've written here.

I make music and stuff.

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