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Rated 4 / 5 stars


This song has the same intro as my song 'It Could Be Worse'. And a few of the transitions. And the same chord progression. Luckily it's a different key lol.

Don't say i'm copying you, mine was up first :p.

However, this song is more diverse than mine though. Much longer too.

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15thDimension responds:

Oh wow I had no idea, I haven't ever taken a look at your songs.

3 Hours to Midnight 3 Hours to Midnight

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Great job! Normally i'm not that into 'classic' trance because I feel like i've heard it all before. This on the other hand has changed my mind.

The mixing gives it such a full feel. All your effects are great. If you've heard any of my songs, you'll know i'm a sucker for arpeggios with delay lol.

The flow is great, the leads have professional quality, and it has a diverse array of tones. Everything from beautiful to jumpy.

My only complaint is the outro. I know the guitar was used earlier in the song, but (to me) it just didn't conclude the song as well as I think it should have.

One last thing to end my wall of text here lol. Can I ask what synths you use? They have great tone.

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syphonmax responds:

I used Nexus, Vanguard and Sytrus (:

[Psytrance] Loop [Psytrance] Loop

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


If it's already a loop.. Why does it repeat within the song?

Also it's very repetitive (I mean even with just one listen haha).
Maybe try cramming a bunch of background synths that come and go every few seconds to break the monotony?

It just needs.. more.. substance...

Skyscraperz Skyscraperz

Rated 4 / 5 stars

It's all fine and dandy.

My only complaint is that the song never really hit a climax. It felt like it was constantly building up, but never really got there.

Also 3:22 the transition was kind of disappointing.

Also it felt kind of ... muted. If it was me, I'd add a little bit more to the higher frequencies in the synths here and there. As is it feels kind of muffled. That's just my opinion though. Bassey tunes are always good too :)

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Lemonnade responds:

Thanks for the review. I think it's really helpful.

[39] Silver [39] [39] Silver [39]

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


I think 1:00 is little long to drag out an intro with only a single instrument. It had good melodies, it's just it felt like it needed to build more.

Also at 1:20, I like the bass. There's alot of it, it just feels like the lead synths don't sit well on it. I'd try messing around with the EQ to get em to fit better.

the snare roll at 3:11 was really overpowering, it cut out everything else :/

I do enjoy me some synth shredding, good stuff lol.
-And the transition with the LP filter was really nice.

You've got alot of ideas flying around in this song, and it feels like towards the end it kind of trails off. If you lengthened the song, and gave each segment a chance to breath, I feel like this whole track would flow a little better. It is an interesting style though, and I would like to hear more. You can only get better at it right? :D

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flight39 responds:

Thank you for the kind review!
You were probably right about the intro, I should have added a couple more instruments to it as it went along.
If I can somehow recover the data from that song before my computer completely crashed a couple of days ago, I will definitely fill in some of the holes in the sound around 1:20. The overpowering snare roll at 3:11 was an unintended side effect of my mastering, and in the future I will try and fix that.
This was an incredibly helpful review, so again, thanks!

+- Oceanic Sines -+ +- Oceanic Sines -+

Rated 5 / 5 stars

On the contrary.

I liked the intro. I may be missing some high frequencies, but it does introduce the song well. As an intro should.

Did you do this in FL Studio? If so, could I maybe have a gander at the .flp file? Purely curiosity, I wouldn't dream of stealing anything from anyone, I just feel like I could learn alot about mastering from it.

The leads were about what you would expect from a trance song, but what really shines are the drums that cue in at :58 They're so punchy, I love it lol.

The high cut segment at 1:26 was a very nice contrast to the deep bass of the previous section.

It's not at all intricate, but it is VERY well mixed. Every part of the song weaves into the next and every instrument compliments the other.

Great job :)

AikaMusic responds:

Yeah maybe :P.

Cant catch me Cant catch me

Rated 4 / 5 stars


You used some pretty good sounds, I enjoyed it :D

However. The song as a whole felt very empty. It needs some background noises, such as high-hats (that aren't on just the off-beats), or you could add more echoe/delay to some instruments. There are literally a million ways to add fullness to a song lol

You also need alot of work on transitions. Try adding something like a crash cymbal at the beginning of each phrase, and change something up in the measure before the next phrase to indicate that the song is going to take a new direction. You can have the best riffs in the world, but the song as a whole won't 'gel' without good transitions :)

I like your melodies, and it's already decently mastered, you just need to work on the details, and iron out the wrinkles.

Keep at it!

DJ Kanis-Max's Theme[Original] DJ Kanis-Max's Theme[Original]

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Hey, thanks for the kind words on my songs :D.

I really like the intro synth. Very airy and gives a good mood for the build-up.

I think the segment at :27 may be my favorite part. I like the lead, and it's well mixed. A complaint for the rest of your song is that most of your lead synths could use some beefing up. They're overpowered by the bass. (Minus the synth at 1:26 That ones spot on.)

I also agreecompletely with the other two guys. The key change at 2:15 was completely unnecessary. Key changes are for much longer songs that need some fresh air after 8 minutes of monotony lol :P

Other than that, nice tune. It's nothing ground-breaking, but I don't think you were going for something revolutionary. I gave it an 8 because 10 in my book means PERFECT. In reality I would have given an 8.75 ish but, that's not an option :/

Keep it up! I wanna hear more :)

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DjKanis responds:

Thanks a lot for the review. I thought the 8bit style lead added a nice effect to the rest of this song. However, I do disagree with you about the key change. Yes, it was a rather rough transition, but I believe a key change always adds a nice effect to make a song bigger and more exciting. Thanks a lot for the review!

Breathe In These Lights Breathe In These Lights

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Breathe thoroughly taken.

Loving the relaxed vibe right from the get go.

The saw at a 1:36 is perfect. It's minimalist, just like the other instruments.
2:28 reminds me of MGMT or Passion Pit. :)

I think 3:10 could have gone in a different direction to break the monotony and add more variation, but it works as is.

I like the transition at 3:55, but it needs to be a bit more punchy. Give whatever sound you used a bit of reverb too. Or at least stretch it out, it's a tad bit abrupt and short as is.

I think the lead at 5:41 could really benefit with some delay.

I really like the whole thing, but it is a 9 minute song. You definately should look into switching up the chord progression once in a while. But be careful, if you do, not to break the flow of the song. It's got a really good thing going :)
Also I wanna give you a compliment on the mix, it was very minimalistic, but gel'd very nicely. All the instruments fit extremely well. (except I had a slight problem with the afore mentioned lead)

Remember, these are just suggestions, even if you don't do any of it, you still get a whopping 9/10. Good stuff, i'll be looking for more :D

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GavKay - Silence GavKay - Silence

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Is that you singing? because it's very good. Although it could use some VERY mild effects on it. I know there's delay but it sounds like it needs some compression or a phaser to blend more with the song.

the melody at :40 is a tad bit generic, but that's fine. In future, i'd rewrite that melody; it's been used far too many times.

the transition at 0:55 desperately needs a crash cymbol, and a hi hat rght from the get go. The buildup doesn't really climax.

once again, the transition at 2:48 needs more kick to it. 3:00 needs the same attention as at 0:55.

Ah the outro kick is so punchy! Can I ask what drum pack you're using? :) [If you do answer please do so in my inbox, I probably won't find this message again lol ._.']

All in all, this is a very well done track, just needs some revisions. Mainly with the transitions. You need to spend sometime on keeping a good energy flow throughout your track. Also remember, this is just my opinion. If you're happy with it, then that's all that matters :)

Keep it up!