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Whoa-ho-ho-ho! I wish I would have got your message on the song before you made this! I could have given you the ingredient names!

Side note: This is glorious, and you are a beautiful, beautiful man.

RadioTubeClock responds:

In some ways it was funnier this way, at any rate I'm glad you like it. Thanks for the review!


I'm orange.

Wish you woulda told me..

That you used my song :P. Don't worry, i'm not mad, I just like to know what people do with my stuff, you know?

Anyway, I know it wasn't a very serious movie, but I think you could have tried to eliminate any "standing time" because time is money in the world of animation and television :P Just focus on keeping things moving along. Other than that, great spriting.

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Why would you even put a toggle audio button?

Well, i'm flattered..

Thanks for using my song! If you asked though, I could have sent a higher quality version. Quality also seems to be a recurring problem, the background picture and the sprites were fairly low definition.

And it also took me a while to figure out that you control with WASD, you should try including that in the author comments. I bet half of your 0's were because the player couldn't figure out how to play :/

But once I got past that, it was a fairly fun game. However repetitive it may have been. I realize it's your first game, so good job. it's responsive and controls well. Next time you should work on adding sound effects, and perhaps a learning curve; make angryfaces fly at you faster :P.

So all in all, you did well for a first try. Work on adding a menu, sound effects, and something to lessen the monotony, because it's the little things that make a great flash great, not just the gameplay itself.

Shivers616 responds:

Apologies for not asking first. I was in a hurry to submit the game so that I could go to sleep. Submitting this first flash at least shows me what I did wrong with it and how I can improve my future projects. Thanks for the review!

This is the hook. It's catchy, you like it.

It's more addicting to me than tetris ever was. At first glance, it's just a fun stacking/elimination game, but the more you play, the better it gets, because you start to realize strategies needed to get farther and farther in the game.

I have yet to get past the USB piece lol.

iluvAS responds:

Lol someone has been listening to deadmau5. Glad you enjoyed the game.

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I like yours better :)

Which means i'm gonna have to make my version even better. Challenge accepted, buddeh.

Indigorain responds:

Thanks bro, that really cheers me up! :D
But I don't have your awesome guitar leads! They're just too damn awesome! :D:D

Way to up the bar! Sheesh!

I think you should explore more into that 8-bit fusion. It's definitely something fresh, and you handled it amazingly.

My only complaint would be that the main bass synth sounded a bit muffled. Other than that I loved all the unique fills. Also if it was me, i'd have had a filtered segment similar to the outro somewhere in the middle to break up the song a bit.

Kudos buddeh :D

Indigorain responds:

Whoop whoop!

I still do feel a little restricted when mixing the styles, I could indeed use a little bit less carefulness about that.
I feel you on that bass, but (of course) it was a huge pain in the ass to master. I'll try to pay extra attention to it next time!
And mentioning the filter, I actually realise that I don't use filtering for that very much, I think I'll experiment with it a little more.

Anyway, thanks a whole lot for the kind words, it really means a lot after you've been away for a while. Muchos gracias! :D

231 plays and not a single word. What gives, NG?

Love the chord progression. All your tunes i've heard have this delightful sort of lazy vibe to them. Lots of soul for electronic music :) You should look into writing soundtracks for indie games, I'm sure you could get few deals here and there. Some of your stuff is gold.

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I like it. I think some of the greens you used were a bit bland. (I wanna say saturated? Been a long time since I've done digital art :P)

Also the top right corner looked a bit empty. I'd throw in a few more of those grayish watermarks you used at the bottom right.

Anyway, i love abstract stuff, good job :D

Pizzafromgodzilla responds:

Thanks, that really helps me i will try to do better next time
Ps. I love your music


INSTAFAV! I love the colorscheme.

Can I ask what program/brushes you used?

Kuoke responds:

Everything you see was made in SAI with a constant basic circle brush at 100% hardness, 92% opacity and 0~10 blending. (Except for the eye glow)
I really hate people who are dependant on an assortment of custom brushes. It's cheap.

What a Bird Brain! ...get it?

I like all the details. I can tell this took alot of time

I make music and stuff.

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