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Curb Servers (Original Mix) Curb Servers (Original Mix)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hey man

Wow, way better than my house stuff. I should go back to trance haha.

I think the formant lead at :20-1:00ish could really benefit from stereo seperation rather than panning. I'm not sure how it works Logic though, so I can't help you out with how to do it :/ In FL Studio we've just got a plugin for it.

Also, I think the main reason you're not getting the "clean" sound you're looking for is that sounds don't have enough attack, and they have too much reverb/decay. Try compressing em a bit to get that punch/bite you're looking for, and then cutting out the decay time of the sound itself.

Also, try sidechaining just about everything except the snare; Doesn't have to be extreme though, just enough to be noticeable. Or extreme if that's what you're looking for. Either way, it allows the kick some room to breathe, gives the track a bit of pulsation, and a bit of character :P

Lastly, try EQing your chords, melodies, and drums so that they stay in their own frequency range. Definately cut out the low basses from everything except a sub bass if you have one. Nothing should usually go below 100hz. That alone will make it less muddy. Also, boosting the higher frequencies a few dB will make a sound a bit more crisp. It's all contextual though, do what sounds best :)
Just work on some of those things and you'll be on your way to a more crisp, professional sounding track.

Don't get me wrong though, what you have already is great, I just feel like constructive criticism is better than "it was good"

Keep it up man!

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TheTriangle responds:

Great tips! I'll have a few more songs on here soon and I hope you'll notice the consideration i took from your word of wisdom. much appreciated & i'll be sure to keep up with your tracks as well!

Cozmoz Cozmoz

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Hmm. I like the chord progression, however the chords are kind of overpowering. I think some sidechaining could really help bring out your kick. Look up some tutorials on using the Peak Controller for that, and also try looking into Kick compression. Dubstep's all about the punch :P

Also, to make it more interesting, try some Low Pass filter automation on the strings every now and then. Could make your intro awesome and can also be used for some sweet transitions :P

I mentioned this on your other track, but always try to have at least some sort of transition when introducing new sounds into the mix. Something that prepares the listener; tells them that something else is coming.

Anyway, this song is very simple so far so I can't really go in depth, but keep working on it, this guy could end up awesome if you added the right stuff.


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Lost (WIP) Lost (WIP)

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Liking the piano, nice and powerful. Can I ask what soundfonts/vsts you're using for that? i'm on the never-ending quest for the perfect digital piano. Lol.

I feel like the hi-hats were kind of distracting. The panning effect is cool, I even do it alot, but 100% is a bit extreme. Maybe go for 60-70%. it'd stick out less.

Also I think your drums need some variation. It's a cool pattern, but after 3
minutes of relatively the same thing, it gets kind of boring :P The segment at 2:00 is a great opportunity to try something new.

1:22 was kind of unexpected. Actually i'm noticing this alot. You don't really have any transitions, so much as all your elements of the song just 'happening'. Try having at least a small build up before each section. A drum fill, reverse high-hat, a pause in the drums for like a measure.-(example in my song Argue Semantics)
There's a million ways to make transitions flow more smoothly.

Getting picky here- the pad with the phaser at :36ish feels like should be a little bit more stero. Try panning individual notes in the chord, lowest to highest across the speakers. Does wonders to fill out you song and also makes the overall sound more interesting.

Last thing, the bass was kind of quiet in comparison to the rest of the song. I know mixing for dubstep is kind of hard, because you don't want the bass to be overpowering, but give it just a little bit more :)

Anyway, don't get me wrong, I really like the material here, I just try to give constructive criticism. Always more helpful than the "I liked it"s. Just ... try to take the advice with a grain of salt; after all it IS your song. This is just what i'd do :P. Keep it up, I like where you're headed.


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Ravel Ravel

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Someone voted unfairly.

This song deserves a better score. I have songs with a 4.00+ score that really don't deserve it, and here you are with a 3.68 :/ I don't get it. This puts alot of my stuff to shame. Newgrounds can be unfair I suppose.

Great track man. My only suggestion could be slightly more variation as it does get repetitive. You can repeat the melody as much as you want if you switch up the synth voice here and there. Or just add harmonies. Do some cool things with effects. Something to break the monotony.

Either way, I listened to it 5 times at least. Which is more than I can say for about 95% of the songs I listen to on NG :)

Owl City, Hello Seattle 8-bit Owl City, Hello Seattle 8-bit

Rated 3 / 5 stars


You're getting zeros because everyone hates owl city lol.

this isn't exactly 8-bit either. Anyway, it is what it is, but you could have spiced it up a bit. And a little work on the lead synth couldn't hurt. it was very basic. Maybe some synth strings in the background, stray away from the 8-bit feel you were going for.

6 because it may have been a cover, but it wasn't very imaginative :P. And it was very repetitive.

Something Unknown Something Unknown

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Only complaint

I think you could have done more with the drums. Add a fill here and there, maybe fill them out more like halfway through the track, pan some things here and there. Something to make the beat more interesting :)

I really liked your leadwork and the chords. Excellent, friend :D

End of the Journey - slunchyy End of the Journey - slunchyy

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I like it. Seems like a loop you'd hear in a nintendo game. Not much criticism except that it's pretty short. Even background loops can afford to be at least a minute long or so :P

P.S. Can I ask what you're using for the bass? I mean the vst. I like it alot, nice and full.

kjhsdgf responds:

oh thanks, man.
yeah i might extend it a little for juicier tunes.

the bass is 2 different sounds:

the deep sound is the "rough step" sound out of the misc shapes
and "rough square" is the mid-low sound, it's from the same folder.

the deep bass has a parametric eq on it to cancel out the high-pitched sounds.
and i messed with the instrument properties on both of those shapes.

tl;dr packs>shapes>misc on the left side
(if you're using fl-studio)

FEAST - Illusion FEAST - Illusion

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Ask and you shall recieve :D

I particularly like the chord progression. It feels different and somewhat irregular with the strings, so it doesn't get boring at all. Awesome work on that bit.

I will say that some of the bass seemed like it needed to be turned down a little at 0:28. Just a little though! it was kind of overpowering.

Plucks, sweet :P Kinda like my song "Welcome Back". I feel like we've got some similarities stylistically lol. I think it would have been cool to have them slowly fade in with a low pass filter or something. The rest of the song flows extremely well, but those just kind of 'pop' in. You know?

You might wanna try sidechaining the strings when the kick comes in, or compressing it some more, sounds to me like it's having some trouble punching through the layers.

Don't get me wrong, I like it alot :D. I get nit-picky with my reviews. All if this is mainly my opinion, so take it with a grain of salt.

I like this style, you should do it more often!

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FEAST responds:

No no, recommended changes and they shall be made. I like reviews like this - ones that actually help you improve your music.

Piano loop wip no name Piano loop wip no name

Rated 5 / 5 stars


With 0:45 seconds you made me feel inferior :P I listened to alot of your stuff and you may be one of the most creative musicians i've ever stumbled upon.

As for the song I really hope you finish it, I can see this going so many places. Makes me feel like writing :)

Keep up the awesome work, you're definately an inspiration. Thanks for all the music!

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Maverlyn responds:

Wow! thank you :) i love your music too!

FEAST - Rampage FEAST - Rampage

Rated 4 / 5 stars


I'm a fan of the fading chords in the beginning. I've done that once or twice. the side-chain effect before the guitar was awesome. The kick was perfect, and it was good and punchy.
I do think that while the guitar's soloing the beat kind of gets lost. the pulsing chords are by nature off beat so the tempo feels like it's being pulled. I feel like if you threw a very subtle high-hat into the background you could fix it however :). Or some toms a-la U-2.

And there are off-key notes. The little phrase at exactly 0:24. I think it's the delay
that's causing the dissonance. Maybe pan the effect?

All in all, I liked it. Nice and calming with only a few things that bugged me. I must compliment you on your mastering though. everything sat really nicely in the mix. :D

P.S. I really think this song deserves to be expanded on. It's practically begging for it!

FEAST responds:

Thanks for the great review. Someone else mentioned the off key notes but It's really hard for me to know where. Glad you mentioned the time where it happens. You had some great suggestions and I'm going to check all of them out. Please review more of my stuff. I'm practically begging lol.