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Rainwave - STFU Rainwave - STFU

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


*Dramatic turn* Oh. Didn't see you there. I'm glad you came. Look away. Now back to me, Now to your song, Now Back to me. Sadly, it isn't m..

OK. Well I dunno where I was going with that, but review time:

I think i'm the only person left who hasn't jumped on the complextro/electro house boat. And I like your take on it. Really bouncey and fun =P. The main "yeah" bass sounds like daft punk to me, and the swing feel gives it character. I love triplet feels in songs :D

On a side note, I LOVE those triplet upward sweep/arps at :31ish. They're just so damn catchy. So.. Damn.. Catchy...

Chord at 1:13 sounded a bit off. Happens again at 1:28. And 1:43. I know that's your actual chord progression, it just sounds weird to my ear =P

Loving the sort of Jam-out at 2:16. Could use a little bit more subtle change from the main melodies though to introduce something new. I love the feel of this track, my only complaint is that it gets a tad repetitive.

ALSO you may want to cut your outro in half. 60 seconds is kinda long =P

But i'm really digging for things to critique. I wub it. AND I'd say it's more electro-house than complextro. It's a bit too structed and consistent for it complextro. I'm no expert on the genre though :P

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Indigorain responds:

WOOT, thanks man! :D
Hmm, let's see, the off bass, was 'cause it was a slide bass from the 7 to the 8, it sounds pretty normal to me :P
Damnit, tried to make it as 'not repetitive' as possible by giving it a 'short' intro :P
Guess I'll keep that in mind for future projects!
Thanks a lot for the kind words and the review man! <3

- Lol, I only just realised that you meant the outro, and not the intro xD
Yeah, you're right about that, I'll be sure to keep it in mind :D

Skydive (Unfinnished clip) Skydive (Unfinnished clip)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Generic but..

I can dig it. Very crispy mastering, although to the common listener the mix isn't the most important part, it's the melodies they're after. I can appreciate it though :) The drums are superb. Might want to try adding a bit of variety to your sound repertoire though. At the moment all i'm hearing is one lead synth, a bass, and a piano.

Also the bit at 0:52 was a bit awkward sounding as the drums cut out. And again at 1:23

[dB] I'm the Good Guy [dB] I'm the Good Guy

Rated 5 / 5 stars

You know...

Thanks :)
With all the pounding over-produced dubstep, electro, and trance flooding the audio portal (i myself am a culprit :P) it's nice to hear a chill guitar medley once in a while. Something you can listen to on a rainy day.

On a side note i'm a sucker for piano. If you've listened to any of my songs I use one in everything :D

In short; Love it. Simple, catchy, and speaks volumes. Right up my alley :)

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Decibel responds:

Yeah :) I make the pounding over produced dubstep and electro too :P

Glad you like it dude :)

U Mad, Bro? U Mad, Bro?

Rated 3 / 5 stars


I don't like the phasing on the drums >_>' Intro hi hats were kind of snazzy though. Cool rhythms. The kick and snare just sounded weird though.
Also somewhat uninspired melodies.

Ehhhh... you need alot of work on this one. Coolest part was the arpeggios at 2:15ish, and even those were basic patterns. Try experimenting a little more with melodies/harmonies, trust me it pays off. The chord progression is there, you just need to expand on it.

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A Simple Dream A Simple Dream

Rated 5 / 5 stars

... :)

Huge fan of this. I almost never give out tens, but it's just such a perfectly relaxing song.

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Rainwave - Solar Vision 2 Rainwave - Solar Vision 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars


d00d you rock the synth solos too. I loves me some stutters.

I really don't have much to say. The production is awesome, melodies are catchy and plentiful, and it's got alot of breaks :) The song's structure actually kinda reminds me of my song Only Sometimes. We should collab sometime, we'd make something amazing :P

P.S. LOL epic chords at the end. Made me think of Dragon Ball Z or something.

P.P.S. I actually did notice some out of key sounding notes in the solo at 1:00ish I think that's mainly because the bassline was so suppressed. Maybe you could at a mid-bass layered over the sub bass to bring out the chord progression more? Only critique i've got :)

Indigorain responds:

Hmm, some good critique on the basses. Yes, EQ'ing is still my major problem, especially with the lower frequencies, it's really hard for me to have several low frequencies and EQ it to make it sound good again, gotta practice with mids and subs sometime.
By the way, the 'offnotes' in the solo's are mostily tritones and major seventh tones, just giving it a little extra something, making the solo more crazy :D
I'd love to collab sometime, would be great! It would take very long though, because I'm starting music school this monday and I gotta practice about 3-4 hours a day, and I got driving lessons and I gotta work :P
Thanks a whole lot for the awesome review man! :D :D

P.S. The epic chords in the end were actually inspired by 'departure to the frontlines', a soundtrack from naruto :P
So you were actually thinking in the right direction xD

Clock - Afternoons Clock - Afternoons

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I'm flattered :D

Dude this song made me smile. I like how lazy it feels, and all the different melodies. It's really creative :D

The hit at 0:16 didn't really match the vibe of the song. Sounded like a dubstep drop, and it turns into a trance bassline. Also try EQing all the portions of your mix. The main leads need some more high end frequencies, and the bass could use a cut in the mids :P And look into kick compression/sidechaining. It really helps bring out the kick drum.

Keep at it broski :P

TimerClock14 responds:

Yeah, I'm not happy with how the bass line turned out. It takes over all the other sounds and just doesn't sound good. :\

But thanks much for the review! :D

Clock - Crystal Cavern Clock - Crystal Cavern

Rated 4 / 5 stars


:53 was the shit. I think it would also be a good point to introduce a new melody.

Great job at making your own synth, I think presets kill the amount of creativity you can have in a song, I never use em :D

But I agree with the guy below; It's loud, and eating up everything else. The kick drum is barely audible. Try using an EQ to cut out some frequencies in the synth to leave some room in the mix for everything else

On a side note, there are alot of cool staticy effects too, awesome work with those :D

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TimerClock14 responds:

Thanks! Yeah, I'm really proud of this synth. It worked itself so well into the song. ^^

Yeah, I realized after reading the review from the guy below that I had actually set the master volume for this one to 100% rather than 80%. To this day I still don't know why...

Staticy effects? I don't remember putting any of those in lol.

Spwee - Absolution Spwee - Absolution

Rated 5 / 5 stars

wroar wroarrrr

To the guy below me: There's no textbook on how a sample is supposed to be used, there's no minimum intensity for dubstep, the seperate moods actually contrast very nicely.


ANYWHO, what were those little plucks in between the wubbly wubs? Sounds like super-compressed pizzicato + reverb? Idk D: It's mega catchy though.

p.s. I Leik da piano.

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Scratchmyballs responds:

I honestly don't even remember.

It was some preset pluck layered with a custom 3xOsc sounds and the piano.

I'll look it up later for you :D

I'm too lazy to do it right now :P

Before Mydnite [Remix loop] Before Mydnite [Remix loop]

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Sounds like a Final Fantasy song now.

Minus two points for being less than 1 minute :P

GrayZ responds:

:P it sounds gay, i just used 2 shitty presets, it might sound good if i had some decent strings and a decent piano. haha :P