Entry #42

Sharestep, The Fij Network, Dubstep.net, and more

2013-01-02 04:59:32 by Or4nges

Hey guys! Happy New Year!

So things have been blowing up recently. My most recent song Crow Machine has been passing through multiple promotional networks. Sharestep, Mr. FijiWiji's own TheFijNetwork, to name a couple, and just a few hours ago it made it all the way up to Dubstep.net!

Things seem to be escalating really quickly, and that can only be a good thing.

On top of that, some of you may have noticed i'm making a switch from "Or4nges" to "I Am Orange". I couldn't give you an exact reason why, but I just feel it had to be done. Some of the links to my pages have changed too, just a heads up. They'll be at the end of this post.

All in all, awesome year. I apologize for my absence the past few months, but i'm back in full force, and better than ever.

Keep checking in! Love you guys.

- Orange

I Am Orange:


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2013-01-02 05:45:55

I've never been to Dubstep.net, but the song you have on the FP is nice. :3

Or4nges responds:

You should check it out sometime, they post awesome stuff.


2013-01-02 15:58:47

You sure have been blowing up! And I love it! Absolutely love it!
You've always been a great inspiration to me, so I'm glad you can keep going :D

Or4nges responds:

I love it too! And thanks man, it means a lot to hear that. Believe it or not, you've been an inspiration to me quite a few times as well :)


2013-01-09 19:12:05

'I Am Orange' has a nice ring to it ^^


2013-08-22 18:34:10

where are you man?! you're music is the titties!


2014-02-04 01:23:27

Dude whered you go?? We misses you


2014-07-30 16:12:07

Come back with us! Make more music and you earn more respect!


2018-03-01 01:40:47

yo dude what happened to you?