Or4nges Back in Action.

2012-12-05 15:54:41 by Or4nges

I've got some awesome news guys. The laptop failure wasn't much of a backtrack at all. I'm already hard at work on a few new songs. I've made a resolution to only release completed tracks, so you guys aren't getting it until it's done. As a bonus it'll be on Sharestep's free christmas album. They're youtube partners with monstercat, so it's definitely a good thing.

Oh, and speaking of Sharestep, I may or may not have gotten an old favorite up on their channel :D


I don't ask for much, but head on over and give it a listen, and maybe drop it a like while you're there, and you'll make me the happiest camper on the face of the planet.

It's good to be back. Missed you guys.


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2012-12-05 17:24:12

Hurray. Cannot wait for the tunes, my friend.

Also, did you happen to make this or another news post, then delete it? I have two links in my activity feed, and one doesn't work.

Or4nges responds:

Yeah, sorry about that. I forgot to click the "Post to front page" button.


2012-12-05 17:32:00


Or4nges responds:



2012-12-05 19:41:14

Being a happy camper is just ecstatic.
Set up a tent mate.


Or4nges responds:

I might as well build a house :P


2012-12-06 00:08:53

ah, that song is amazing

Or4nges responds:

Aw shucks. Thanks so much.


2012-12-06 13:22:21

excellent job :D

Or4nges responds:

Thanks dude!


2012-12-06 20:21:16

looking forward to more! :D


2012-12-07 13:35:10

Excellent track, liked and shared around. Glad you're keeping busy, man. Always enjoy the work.


2012-12-08 01:49:10

That song never gets old, glad you're back FINALLY. :)


2012-12-10 17:01:28

ERMAHGERD! Today is the best day for me. First, the vending machine gave me two chocolate bars. Then I come home and see THIS! glad to have you back Or4nge, hope to see some new music soon.