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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Posted by Or4nges - November 19th, 2012

Alright. Which first, Good news or bad news?

Lets do good.

So a few of you have noticed i've been gone for a while. My laptop was broken, so I had to send it in to get repaired. It took 'em almost 3 months to actually get the thing back to me, but I got it. Woo. Awesome right?


They replaced my hard drive, and I paid them a chunk of change to back up all my files on a flash drive, because due to the state of my computer, I couldn't back them up myself. They did, but not the files I needed, or even asked for. So now i'm left with none of my old project files, samples, mp3s, or anything. It's all gone.

So it really sucks, but none of my unfinished songs are going to be finished. Ever. Unless I start them over from scratch, but I can promise you they wouldn't be the same song anymore by the end. However i'm looking at this optimistically as a chance to start over fresh. No unfinished projects looming over my head, and no crutch samples and settings to rely on. I'm gonna start new, and hopefully take my music into whatever direction it needs to go.

Thanks for all your support guys. More tunes as soon as i've got the ball rolling again.

- Orange.

Comments (6)


Damn, may turn out good but it's certainly a stupid thing for them to do. ugh.
You could probably sue. lol

I say fresh oranges are much better than the ones that are rotting in the fruit bowl.
I can't wait for things to pick up again. :)

I will dance to all your musics.

some projects sound better the second time than the first in my experience, you should start a poll or something and get your listener's favorite WIP's, then complete them :)

good to have you back man, we missed you

Damn. Same thing is happening with me...

That's pretty fucked up. I would ask for some compensation from them. Especially seeing as you payed extra cash for backups and didn't even get the backups you wanted.

You should totally finish your Clayfacer remix. I'll suck your dick if you do.