2011-08-23 00:05:29 by Or4nges

Who keeps zeroing me? Show yourself!

In other news: Look! I can draw in MS Paint!

http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/or4 nges/orange


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2011-08-25 18:29:21

Hahahaha, I feel your pain, my friend -_- Some real assholes out there.

Or4nges responds:

True story. I keep getting downvoted into oblivion :/


2011-08-26 21:28:20

I don't know why but I'm just suddenly a very happy person right now xD

But yeah, I know. Those zero-bombers are a real pain :/

By the way, what samples do you use in your 8-bit songs?
I am needing to know lol.

(Updated ) Or4nges responds:

it was you wasn't it! Meh. I kid :P

Anyway, I used a VST called Magical 8-bit Plugin for some of the sounds, 3xOsc for others, and topped it off with a healthy dose of TAL-Bitcrusher for added oldschoolage.


2011-08-29 22:37:36

For real! I look one day and all your songs are like 4.59 ish and then i look the next day and they are like 4.29.. i dont find a point in Ng having a 0 or a 1 for the most part in the voting system.. atleast if they leave a crap review mods can take it off.. but.. whatevs.

Or4nges responds:

Someone's out to get me D:


2011-09-01 10:31:48

Grab a shotgun. Let's go hunting for zero bombers. >:D

Or4nges responds:

Wayyyyy ahead of you


2011-09-20 17:21:54

Awesome MSpaint art! I love MSpaint. Sorry about your zero-er, unfortunately it's life. Any place with ratings there's dragging and boosting.

Or4nges responds:

MSPaint is where it's at! And yeah, i'll live. It just gets annoying lol.