2011-03-08 01:16:50 by Or4nges

What do you think?


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2011-03-08 21:05:13

i think my sister listens to terrible music

Or4nges responds:

I think I hope that you're not talking about my music


2011-03-09 22:05:37

I think that Skrillex is one of my new favorite artists.. thank you for showing him to me

Or4nges responds:

Good! He's amazing. Check out his remixes on youtube, he does amazing things with vocal tracks.


2011-03-11 18:11:18

I think you're very talented for you age.

Or4nges responds:

I think i'll take that as a huge compliment. Thankyousir.


2011-03-13 15:00:26

I think Madness 10 needs to come out. And that lasagna kicks ass.

Or4nges responds:

I think that I literally just had lasagna. And it was delicious.


2011-03-14 20:51:01

You ever think of making an album?

Or4nges responds:

I'm not good enough yet lol. you can tell by each song that my quality is improving, and I try something different on each one. I'm gonna wait until I get my technique down to even think about it :P

That's my overall goal though, but I don't expect to be there for another year at least.

You best buy it if I make one though :P


2011-03-15 17:17:21

I got 30 bucks in Itunes waitin' for ya. >:)