Featured in a game

2011-02-21 03:18:16 by Or4nges

Hey everyone!

A while back a game called Thirdstyle (which is basically the same idea as Stepmania) contacted me about using one of my songs in their game.

well, it finally happened :D you can play my song Long Time, No See, and others by a bunch of great artists at: http://thirdstyle.com/play

Have a go, it's an awesome game :D


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2011-02-23 17:09:44

Holy. Awesome. That was the shiznit.

Or4nges responds:

I know right? I'm so happy lol.


2011-02-28 01:31:54

Have you seen the new Battle LA trailer?
The song, Sun's gone dim, is great.

Or4nges responds:

I do enjoy me some robot singing.

That looks like a great movie, totally seeing it lol.