Productive Day!

2011-02-13 01:15:20 by Or4nges

Finished a new song; "Change of Plans" which was an honest effort.

Second song is a statement. I'm sick of all the 0's people throw around for no reason. Today there was someone zero bombing every single entry to the audio portal regardless of content. Stupid and pointless. With this song, you have a REASON to vote zero :D So have at it, and zero the shit out of it. That's what it's here for.

Thanks everyone for listening, and have an awesome day :D

*Edit* Make that a productive two days. Got another song out, this one's ambient, and I think it's some of my best work to date :P Check it out for me?


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2011-02-13 11:17:50

Great job on this stuff man!

Or4nges responds:

Thanks! I've been trying alot harder lately, I don't wanna post anything mediocre :D


2011-02-14 15:34:24

I think someone voted 5 on Zero-Please...
lol, five bomber.

Or4nges responds:

I know right?! I'm pissed haha.