Komplete 7 and Ableton

2011-01-28 12:18:38 by Or4nges

I'm thinking about invest large sums of money into buying both Ableton, and Komplete 7.

Anyone have any input? Is it worth it? can I get better deals than $500 each?

Please and thankyou :)


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2011-01-29 17:59:08

From the looks of it, you're getting a good 24 vsts/rtas out of the box for a good $564. That actually seems like quite a lot, but I've got a friend who works around the clock doing gigs and things like that, and once he saved up the money, he got that and Abelton. He loves them both, and he's pretty good at it. I would say it's worth the price, but I'll see if you can get some better deals or something.

Also, it depends on what type of package you're getting for Abelton. My friend just had the money to fork over for the high-end versions. (Crazy guy that he is.) I would recommend it, but be best to save up your pennies :) I'll look around for some discounts.

(P.S. Found your page through JasonHorecky. New pupil, eh ;D)

Or4nges responds:

Thanks! If you actually do find a better deal, I'd love to know about it. But even so, I think a grand is a decent price for the amount of software i'm getting.

Also, Jason isn't EXACTLY a pupil :P He asked if i'd help em out. I do think he over-estimates my abilities on mastering though xD


2011-01-31 10:41:15

Haha. I think he does. Nice kid with a lot to learn, and he's learning pretty fast. Just like how I think he over-estimates my ability at mixing XD He's doing well though =]