Best scoring track!

2011-01-05 22:25:46 by Or4nges

Thankyou everyone! My track "Long time, No See" Has made it's way up to the 20th top scoring track of all time! And without you all voting it never would of happened, so many thanks!

Keep checking my page, because I post new music all the time. I aim not to disappoint.

You're all beautiful :D


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2011-01-07 08:06:56

Surprised that your songs got awesome score? Well I'm not, they're seriously awesome! Whatever you do, don't stop making music!

Or4nges responds:

I'm just surprised it happened so fast! Like.. Two months fast.

And don't worry. If anything, this is just making it concrete in my mind that I want to do music for a living. Before this I was kind of iffy, But with all these overwhelming reviews and compliments, I think I have a really good shot.

Thanks for listening :D