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I make music and stuff.

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Comments (5)

Awesome! :D
You're progression is really really fast compared to many others, you're gonna go far boi! :D
Oh, and if you get superduperfamous one day, try to bring melodic music back for me, because right now, popular music sucks pretty hard :P

Haha, I was first like, NOOOOOOAOW ORANGE IS AN AWESOME NAME, but then I read "whenever I google myself I just get "The Annoying Orange" links, and I die a bit on the inside every time" I was like, hmm, very true.

But be sure to keep your name fairly happy and not try to sound to epic and coolish like aquaxis or something shitty that doesn't make very much sense with lots of x's and q's :P Like Xephon or Qaos, that sucks :P
But Quakey is fine, that's happy.

:D Thanks much man! And don't worry My music's always been about teh melodiez. If I get famous, it's gonna be because of that. And if I don't, it'd probably ALSO be because of that. Irony, huh? xD

And I know what you mean, i've kinda grown attached to the alias, but it's not too good for marketing lol. It'd be a bit difficult to be found on the interwebs. I'll try and pick something to reflect both the upbeat and the relaxing sides of my music :)

Although I told myself if I ever do just straight up dubstep i'm going with AUDIOFISSSSSTTTTTT. rofl.

You have reached an awesome point, young one.
*bows* I am honored to be in your presence. :D

Anywho, congratz! Your music sooo deserves it :P

I HAVE A NAME... um... i haz no clue... nevermind. I have random outbursts sometimes.

And for the record label thingy, good luck! :D

I've got a few ideas so far; Haunt, 240p (8-bit alias :P), and Audiofist (if I did cheesey dubstep LOL.)

But thanks dude!

You should manipulate the initials of your name into something awesome.
That's what I did.
Just use the first two letters of each of your names.
Eg; Robin Pinwheel Nomnoms (not a real name) becomes Ropino.
It fun, and cause it basically your real name it's all the better.

I'm helpful. ^_^

I am not about to be Jodoma :P

That's definitely an impressive milestone, congrats dude! Good luck with those record labels, and honestly I like the name Or4nges, but I see what you mean :P.

I really like 240p :D
Audiofist sounds a bit like cheesy dubstep indeed, but there's too many of that now already. You gotta find something original, dubstep is being overused right now. I think that if you keep at it with your style and get famous, you won't be such a repetitive whore like most dubstep artists are these days. It's just that everything in that genre is pretty much already done.